9. Bieg po Oddech

9th Run for Breath

1rd of September 2024 r.

Registrations from April 1
The countdown to the run begins!

Why we run?

Rehabilitation, home physiotherapy, retrofitting of free equipment rental, support in the purchase of medicines, free hotline, education and psychological support are the most important projects for the charges of the Polish Cystic Fibrosis Association. Each starter package purchased is a brick of support and help in the fight for the breath of cystic fibrosis patients.

We run to bring help to cystic fibrosis patients

Register your participation today and run with us on September 1, 2024 in Zakopane! Traditionally, you can run or walk the 5-kilometer route through the streets of Zakopane. We guarantee beautiful T-shirts and unique medals for each participant registered by August 10 this year, and refreshments after the run. Electronic time measurement will be provided by S-Time. A charity family picnic will be held in the running town, with games and competitions with prizes for whole families.

Run with us in Zakopane

Our charges starting their running adventure supports their daily rehabilitation and keeps them in better shape for longer. In the case of cystic fibrosis, this is very important, and together with comprehensive treatment can have an impact on slowing the progression of the disease. We also encourage all runners to take care of their health and engage in physical activity, regardless of whether they have cystic fibrosis. Sport is health – no matter how old you are or what you do, so be with us and run in Zakopane for yourself and for others. Online registration from April 1, 2024. We invite you to join us.

The route of the 9th Run for Breath

Among the picturesque streets of Zakopane runs the route of a unique run, whose participants are distinguished by their colorful sports T-shirts. Their faces are beaming, and their hearts are full of determination and the will to help others. They are all running with one noble goal – to support cystic fibrosis patients. The distance they cover is 5 kilometers, and every step, every heartbeat is an expression of solidarity for cystic fibrosis patients.

We run virtually,
we help realistically

You decide where and when you run 5 km for CF sufferers. You can run as fast as you can or you can take Nordic walking poles, have fun and enjoy the views. Invite your loved ones – friends, neighbours and family – to participate. Encourage local runners to join us. You decide when and with whom you will help us! The more of us there are, the more help our proteges will receive.

9th Run for Breath

How to document your start?

We do not want to impose any application on you. You choose how you want to document your run. It is important for us that the route and the time in which you covered your distance are marked on the confirmation sent to us. You can enter the obtained result only once. Remember that the application should be complete, containing a photo or a screenshot from your application, where we will see the route you ran and the time. The results of the run will be posted on the website www.bieg.oddychaj.pl on an ongoing basis. Remember, the last day for you to participate in the race and document the route is September 31, 2024.

Starter packages Virtual Run

You decide whether you want a premium starter package with a running t-shirt and a medal or a commemorative medal itself. If you choose a starter package with a t-shirt and pay for your participation by May 31, 2024, you will receive it in the second half of June. If you decide to participate later, your commemorative package will be delivered to you after the end of the 8th Virtual Run for Breath. The given amounts for the packages are the minimum prices. You may choose the option of additional support for CF sufferers by any increase in the amount paid.

9th run for breath

The BASIC package

The BASIC package contains a medal. Only available in the virtual version of the run.

35 PLN

9th run for breath

PREMIUM package

The PREMIUM package includes a medal and a running t-shirt.

75 PLN

9th run for breath


The PREMIUM Kids package includes a medal and a running t-shirt. A package for children up to 17 years of age.

75 PLN

9th run for breath


Package for CF patiens (available only for Polish patients), includes a medal and a running jersey.

65 PLN