The Polish Society for the Fight Against Cystic Fibrosis

We run for cystic fibrosis sufferers

7th Run for Breath

Virtual Run for Breath

From April 1 – September 2, 2022

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Run for Breath in Zakopane

September 4, 2022

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7th Run for Breat

Another great chance for CF sufferers!

By taking part in the run, you both help to support patients in the fight for breath, and promote knowledge about cystic fibrosis. The run is also a great opportunity to educate about the role of sports activity in life. Thanks to you, we can look to the future with hope – the money gathered through this event will help us continue all the great initiatives we’ve been running since 1987. We have so much to do! Home physiotherapy projects, respiratory physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment rental, support in the purchase of drugs, education and psychological help are only few of our activities. Don’t hesitate! Apply for the race today. And why not take part in both events? Each purchased starter package is a great support for CF sufferers in Poland!

The current standards for the prevention of coronavirus infection are daily bread for CF patients. Isolation, covering the face with a mask, disinfecting hands, equipment and surfaces in their surrounding are their everyday life from the moment of diagnosis. The time of the epidemic will eventually end and everything will be back to normal. For most people, it will be a return to everyday life and taking a deep breath of relief. Unfortunately such comfort will not be given to CF patients.

Take part in the 7th virtual Run for Breath We run virtually, we help in real!

Biegacz na szczycie gór

Biegniemy wirtualnie, pomagamy realnie!

You decide where and when you run 5 km for CF sufferers. You can run as fast as you can or you can take Nordic walking poles, have fun and enjoy the views. Invite your loved ones – friends, neighbours and family – to participate. Encourage local runners to join us. You decide when and with whom you will help us! The more of us there are, the more help our proteges will receive.

How to document your start?

We do not want to impose any application on you. You choose how you want to document your run. It is important for us that the route and the time in which you covered your distance are marked on the confirmation sent to us. You can enter the obtained result only once. Remember that the application should be complete, containing a photo or a screenshot from your application, where we will see the route you ran and the time. The results of the run will be posted on the website on an ongoing basis. Remember, the last day for you to participate in the race and document the route is September 2, 2022.


Enter your score See the results

Run with us in the 6th Run for Breath in Zakopane

Grupa biegaczy w zielonych koszulkach

Just like before the pandemic

Scheduled run will take place on September 4, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. Registration starts on April 1! Traditionally, the start and finish will be in the City Park (Park Miejski), and the scenic route will run along streets that mark a 5-kilometer distance. A recreation area will also be organized in the Zakopane City Park (Park Miejski Zakopanego), with attractions for everyone. In 2019, 842 runners supported the event in the last edition before the pandemic. We hope to reach the 1,000-application limit this year.

The virtual formula will not replace a race in which beautiful emotions, the atmosphere of a joint fight for a better tomorrow for CF patients, and a run hand in hand with the people closest to you, prevail. If, however, it turns out that the covid-19 regulations will eventually be tightened, making it impossible to organize outdoor events, we will stick to the virtual version of the run.

Starter packages Virtual Run

You decide whether you want a premium starter package with a running t-shirt and a medal or a commemorative medal itself. If you choose a starter package with a t-shirt and pay for your participation by May 31, 2022, you will receive it in the second half of June. If you decide to participate later, your commemorative package will be delivered to you after the end of the 6th Virtual Run for Breath. The given amounts for the packages are the minimum prices. You may choose the option of additional support for CF sufferers by any increase in the amount paid.

The BASIC package

Pakiet podstawowy 35 zł

The BASIC package contains a medal. Only available in the virtual version of the run.

PREMIUM package

Pakiet premium 69 zł

The PREMIUM package includes a medal and a running t-shirt.

PREMIUM Kids package

Pakiet premium ptwm/kids 50 zł

The PREMIUM Kids package includes a medal and a running t-shirt. A package for children up to 17 years of age.


Pakiet premium ptwm/kids 50 zł

Package for CF patiens (available only for Polish patients), includes a medal and a running jersey.

You don't have to run alone!